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heads 's Up on World Affairs

作者:Yile“Tony”Ju, 11年级
2023年, I hope all of us have done our end-of-year reflection on the eventful, 美丽的, 和平的一年. Now look around: it is the same dining hall we have been using for ages, not much changes. 然而,在这些墙之外呢? 我们所处的地球每时每刻都在变化.

回头看, 对我来说, the war in Ukraine started during a breakfast when I heard the declaration of war and commencement of military and diplomatic operations. Now it has caused petroleum and natural gas prices to rise due to Russia’s sanctioned supply chain to the world. 当你或你的父母开车去校园, that war far off on another continent is affecting the gasoline your car burns.
And if you look outside, isn’t it weird to have no snow at the start of January? Lots of countries experienced historic high temperatures during the past summer, 即使我们现在身处加拿大, 在一年中最冷的时候,气温却在零度以上.
在南方, a battle for the White House will soon ignite as Republicans bring young blood to the stage of the presidential election. COVID has resulted in many issues between factions in North America and around the world, 现在, 随着新的限制出台, 这些仇恨和冲突将如何得到解决?
许多新的社会观念在旧国家孕育. 伊朗发生了大规模的抗议活动,这可能会导致局势的变化. 在中国,人们开始抗议新冠肺炎限制措施. 有一天,, 也许明年吧, 也许明年吧, all of these ongoing events may come to a nasty conclusion that involves all of us sitting here.
斯坦斯特德是一个小镇. 在这些街道上,我们并没有真正看到地球的规模, but it is those events outside of the town that forged these streets and quite frankly, 我们的生活. 你认为你一直过着稳定的生活, going to Colby for classes every day and eating and playing sports and sleeping. 日复一日,你的生活没有太大变化, but in a sudden moment it may ascend or collapse into a new one just because of something that happened a thousand miles away from here and you don’t even know it.
When people are walking, they keep their heads up because they don’t want to hit a tree. So metaphorically speaking, keep your heads up for what is happening around out world. 每天睡觉前, take a look on your phone or laptop about what happened in the world today. Be aware of the world we live in today, because it does affect every aspect of our life.